A homestay is a type of living arrangement in which a foreign student or traveler lives with an indigenous family.  Homestays are most often arranged for those trying to gain a sense of the language and culture of a particular place.  China Your Way feels that the purpose of a homestay is more than to provide a safe living environment for our students; a homestay is also a living, breathing house of cultural and linguistic exchange that we urge our students to utilize.  In fact, China Your Way believes so strongly in the effectiveness of homestays that it is the only accommodation we offer. 

What are the benefits of learning a language through a homestay?
1 - Personal Attention - Imagine being the only student in the class with three different teachers all enthusiastic to answer your every question about Chinese.  This is the kind of experience you can expect while living with your Chinese family.  Scholars will have unlimited opportunities to apply the language they learn in the classroom by making conversation with their family each day.

2 - Safety - Homestays are the safest living option for a student studying abroad in China.  Our “Aunts” and “Uncles” as we like to call them (who have children of their own) pledge to take care of each student as if he/she were their own child.  Parents will not find that kind of support in a hotel or dormitory setting.

3 - Primary Source Learning - While living with a homestay, our students have the opportunity to learn about current Chinese culture from its primary source.  The best, most comprehensive way of learning about a foreign culture is by immersing yourself in it.  Our Scholars return surprised that they also learned a great deal about their own culture through this experience. 

4 - Quiet Study Space - One of the biggest issues with students living in dormitories or apartments is that they have no quiet study space or time to practice speaking and listening.  As a result, students’ grades and language level suffers. Homestays provide a quiet, secure place to study.

5 - Relationships - Relationships, or "guanxi," in China are extremely important at all junctures in one’s life.  The relationships our Scholars build with their homestay family can lead to career opportunities, chances to travel, and lasting friendships.  We want our Scholars to develop deep friendships with their families.  This connection fosters stability, routine, and a sense of security in the student’s life in China. 

6 - Local Knowledge

Who are China Your Way’s homestay families?
Our homestays families are relatively affluent families living throughout Beijing.  They have at least one child who may be studying English at a local institution. These families come from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings with different values, careers, and ways of living.  With that in mind, as our application indicates, we do our best to match Scholars with a family that best suits his/her needs and interests.  

How do I know your homestay families are safe?
All of our homestay families undergo two screenings by both a China Your Way Founder and a member of our Executive Team to ensure the family will provide safe, comfortable, convenient service for Scholars. 

What are the amenities that come with living with a homestay family? 
All our students enjoy a private bedroom, a bathroom with hot water, air conditioner, internet connection and phone service.  Families also serve breakfast and dinner (and lunch if the student is home).

What do homestay families expect of students?
Living with a family requires cooperation, courtesy, and sometimes involves some personal sacrifices.  We want our student to become a member of their Chinese family. Our families have certain expectations of our Scholars.  These include participation in family activities, respecting curfews, informing the family about their schedules, and being generally respective of their living environment as it is someone’s home.
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