Mandarin Classes

Prior to Becoming a China Your Way Scholar
Before Scholars enter our core classes, they will take a diagnostic test to measure their ability. At the rudimentary level, China Your Way teachers emphasize simple topics related to daily life, while focusing on more specialized and complex topics at higher proficiency levels.
All teachers at China Your Way hold
at minimum a Master’s degree in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language.  The executive staff of China Your Way personally selects each teacher. Our instructors’ passion for teaching makes for lively classrooms that keep Scholars on their toes.

Classroom time is divided into three sections in which speaking, reading, listening and writing skills are holistically developed:

(1)  Review and discussion of previous day’s cultural activity with emphasis on vocabulary usage
(2)  Form-focused grammar lesson (generally taken from a current textbook on teaching Mandarin as a foreign language) with supplementary writing workshop
(3)  Discussion of that day’s scheduled cultural activity which includes a lesson on new vocabulary words, useful phrases and hands-on demonstrations (when applicable)
By the end of our summer immersion program students will be able to:
  • Leave their comfort zone and engage in conversations in Mandarin, despite knowing that they will make mistakes.   
  • Recognize at least 300 more characters in reading than they did previous to joining the immersion program.   
  • Write at least 50 more characters than they did previously. 
  • Listen to conversations in Mandarin (appropriate to their learning level), comprehend the speakers’ purposes, and make inferences about the content of the conversation.   
  • Discover the joys and challenges of learning a foreign language for learning’s sake.  
  • Recognize the cultural implications of Mandarin through the study of both radicals and Chinese idioms/expressions.   
  • Pronounce characters with the correct tone.

China Your Way utilizes the most up-to-date textbooks and language learning tools that academic publishers and Mandarin learning associations offer. We provide all necessary learning materials on the first day of class.

Literacy scholar Stephen A. Stahl maintains that students need multiple exposures to a single word before they can learn it well enough to use in everyday speaking.  This observation provides the foundation for China Your Way’s philosophy on teaching materials: instructors will use a plurality of materials from varying contexts to solidify scholars’ understandings of Mandarin words and phrases.
Part of the instructor's role is to show our scholars that the entire city of Beijing is their teacher, encouraging them to take advantage of every opportunity to learn another word or phrase.  Materials will include traditional Mandarin study textbooks, newspaper articles, advertisements, cookbooks, magazines, street signs, etc. 
Materials for all different levels of study will be available on the classroom bookshelves.  CYW’s instructors will designate which materials are most appropriate for each learner’s needs. While students with a 1000-word vocabulary can handle reading basic newspaper articles, those with no more than a 300-word vocabulary may be confined to children’s books and other reading materials that contain pinyin.  The sequencing of these materials will revolve around topic or subject matter, not necessarily around an order predetermined by a textbook.  For instance, on the day of the cultural activity about the art of tea ceremonies, scholars will explore a variety of materials on the subject of tea.
Sample Textbooks:
HanYu Jiaocheng, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, Beijing, 2006.
Speak Up, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing, 2007.
New Step: Intensive Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese, Peking University Press, 2009.
Learning Environment
China Your Way firmly believes in the ability of small classrooms to empower Scholars through ample speaking time and teacher recognition.  As we build the foundations of language in the classroom, we rely on homestays and after-class activity programs to solidify Mandarin in our Scholars’ minds.

We expect China Your Way Scholars to do their best in speaking only Mandarin while in China.

We expect teachers to speak in Mandarin only.  If students have questions or do not understand, the teacher will only use English as a last resort, first trying gestures, visual aids, anecdotes, and references to pop culture. 
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4) China Your Way provides travel arrangements, emmigration services, and a homestay tailored to each scholar's needs.  All China Your Way scholars live in Beijing with registered homestay families.

5) CYW Scholars attend morning Mandarin classes at the China Your Way Mandarin Learning Center in Beijing.  Individual student programs take place in the afternoon, either at our facility or an affiliated school.