At China Your Way, we want our Scholars to use Mandarin while exploring China through their individual interests.  Choose up to four of the programs below to fill your summer session with activities that you love.

Volunteer Program

Is community service an important part of your life? Does your school credit you for serving the public? If so, you may want to consider our volunteer program. We grant students the opportunity to teach English to underserved immigrant children living in Beijing. Environmentally conscious students also get the chance to beautify Beijing through an ongoing Go Green beautification campaign.

Athletics Program

Is leading an active lifestyle important to you? Do you play on a sports team for your school or community? If so, join our Athletics program to learn popular Chinese sports like fencing and ping-pong. This program also features outdoor adventures such as paragliding. And of course, no sports program would be complete without the chance to see live sports in some of Beijing’s most famous arenas.

Modern Dance Program

Can’t sit still when music comes on? Are dance lessons part of your regular routine back home? Step into our dance program! Our students enroll in afternoon classes at Zhong Yan Minzu University, famous in Beijing for their dance programs. Practice modern, traditional Chinese dance or ballet. In addition to taking dance lesson students will enjoy live dance performances of all different genres and styles at some of the hottest theatres in Beijing.

Chinese Cooking Program

Do you enjoy preparing meals? Interested in learning about Chinese cuisine? Sign up for our Cooking Program and receive a taste of the many traditions that make Chinese food so delicious and diverse. To make this program as comprehensive as possible, we begin with the basics, that is teaching you about the ingredients that go into Chinese cuisine. Join our staff for an in-depth tour of a Chinese supermarket to find out what goes into the dishes you love. Next, enjoy a cooking demonstration by Dongbei restaurant owner and Chef Qin Min. Learn how to make dumplings, MoPo Tofu, and delicious vegetable dishes. And if you have something in particular you’d like to learn to make, tell us and we’ll do our best to give you a step by step demonstration. The program also features a tour of a typical Beijing restaurant kitchen, complete with a meal served to you by the cooks you get to know in the back. We will take a visit to a traditional tea house. The art of preparing and pouring tea is one of China’s most prized customs.

Visual Art Program

Enjoy making and studying art? Join our Art Program! After class, our students engage in an array of art-related activities that not only reinforce the Mandarin they learn in the classroom, but teach them about the intricacies of Chinese culture through their own creativity. This package includes a trip to the “Chelsea” of Beijing, the 798 District, where students get a chance to speak to and visit the studio of a modern-day artist living and working in Beijing. Students will visit the National Museum to examine the relics of China’s long and diverse past. We also offer our students the opportunity to try their hand at traditional art in a calligraphy class, hosted by our very own master of shu fa. This class includes a demonstration on making rice paper, which is the traditional medium of Chinese scroll paintings. Finally, art students venture out for a night on the town to see a Beijing Opera performance. After the show students will have opportunities to meet and take pictures with the performers!

Traditional Chinese Culture

Are you fascinated by the rich history of China? Did you enjoy learning about China even before joining China Your Way? If so, consider joining our Traditional Chinese Culture program. Learn the art of Tai Chi with a Tai Chi master. Sip tea in a traditional tea house as our history teacher tells stories of famous tea ceremonies throughout history. Learn about the long history of the Chinese language and how it has evolved. Visit museums to see first hand cultural relics of China’s past. Watch a Peking Opera and learn about the theatrical customs of Beijing. Take a walk through the Lama Temple and feel the oneness of the universe that the monks of China have been talking about for centuries.

Customize Your Own Program!

Nothing above suits your interests?  Have something particular in mind that you'd love to explore in China?  Contact us and we can likely help find something that works for you.

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4) China Your Way provides travel arrangements, emmigration services, and a homestay tailored to each scholar's needs.  All China Your Way scholars live in Beijing with registered homestay families.

5) CYW Scholars attend morning Mandarin classes at the China Your Way Mandarin Learning Center in Beijing.  Individual student programs take place in the afternoon, either at our facility or an affiliated school.

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