China, a nation quickly undergoing a unique economic and social transformation, comprises nearly one-fifth of the earth’s population.  China Your Way offers volunteer opportunities to students curious about the sources of and solutions to China’s most threatening economic and social problems.  This program aims to personally inspire our scholars to do more for others, both inside and outside China. 
As an optional part of our summer language immersion program in Beijing, all of our volunteer activities are coupled with Mandarin immersion classes as well as a homestay arrangement.  This is the best way to optomize both language acquisition and exposure to Chinese culture.  Check out our programs page for more details on the volunteer program as well as other exciting cultural activity options.
China Your Way’s volunteer opportunities include:

-Teaching at the Lao Beijing Migrant Workers’ Children’s School

Entertaining seniors as Lai Yuan Senior Center

-Promoting environmental conciousness at Beijing’s famous Xiang Shan Park

-Teaching English at some of Beijing’s most underrepresented orphanages

-Many more!
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1) Check out the Summer 2018 page.

2) Select the programs that interest you.

3) Register with China Your Way.

4) China Your Way provides travel arrangements, emmigration services, and a homestay tailored to each scholar's needs.  All China Your Way scholars live in Beijing with registered homestay families.

5) CYW Scholars attend morning Mandarin classes at the China Your Way Mandarin Learning Center in Beijing.  Individual student programs take place in the afternoon, either at our facility or an affiliated school.

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