What Our Students Say

Watch this video to hear what our parents and students think about China Your Way.

"Not a day goes by that I don't reflect fondly and tell stories from last summer in Beijing. It truly was an incredible experience that changed my life forever for the better.  I still keep in touch with my homestay family (mother and daughter) and talk to several of the students I met at the English school near Longze station (in particular Cherry, whom I talk to on Skype for hours at a time every weekend. I think our friendship is similar to Sam and Bob's).  Last summer made me realize that in the future, I want to study abroad in China during college, and after college I really want to work in China for at least a few years."
– Patrick Grudzinski, CYW 2011, Regis High School

"Thank you for giving our son... a wonderful learning experience in China.  Please accept our small donation to your organization.  We will stay in touch.  Words alone cannot express our sincerest gratitude."
-Queens parent of a scholarship winner

"My homestay family was very nice...  They have been great...  I couldn't have asked for a better family."
-Brian Cronin, CYW 2010

"I definitely like the people I met here, and how open and accepting they all were.  I feel like the program really was designed for the student.  I enjoyed it a lot... I gained a lot more confidence when speaking with Chinese people and using Chinese... Beforehand, I never really had a chance to communicate with real Chinese people... Coming to China helped me realize that I can do it!"
-Rocco Bagnarol, CYW-Regis 2010 Scholarship Winner

"Hen hao!"
-Linda Zheng, CYW 2010


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